The People Platform™ is a people-first consumer platform that allows people to voluntarily share information about their visits and experiences at the brand locations they interact with every day. In exchange for their perspective, participants receive cash rewards in the form of digital gift cards.
A 5 step visual explaining how the people platform works. Have Location Services On. Go about your daily routine. Receive an invitation to participate. Complete a short activity. Receive cash value.


The People Platform™ was created to address a fundamental disconnect between people and the companies they interact with every day. We have always been inspired by people — their stories, ideas, experiences, and personal opinions. We wanted to create a company that made it easy for people to share their experiences with the brands they interact with every day from anywhere, from any device, right now. We recognized that the ability to voice perspectives in-the-moment is the best way to influence change.


Retail stores: A photo of two women shopping and smiling.
Pharmacies: Three pharmacists reviewing documents.
Banks: An accountant using a calculator.
Call centers: A man at a call center on the phone and his computer while wearing a bluetooth headset.
Grocery stores: A person pushing a full grocery cart through an aisle in the grocery store.
Car dealerships & service centers: A couple shaking hands with a car salesman at a car dealership.
Airports: A man rolling his luggage through a crowded airport.
Gas stations: A woman happily pumping gas into her car at the gas station.
Movie theaters: A crowd of moviegoers applauding a film in the movie theater.
Stadiums & sports venues: A crowd of people cheering at a sports game inside a sports arena.
Bars & restaurants: A group of friends laughing at a restaurant.
College campuses: A group of college students smiling while studying in a library.
Festivals & events: A crowd of people cheering at a concert venue.
Gyms & fitness centers: A woman and a man doing push ups inside of a gym.
Interior of a luxury hotel lobby.
College campuses: A group of college students smiling while studying in a library.